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5 cavities HEALED in Autistic Child- YES YOU CAN - see how to easily cure a cavity quickly naturally w/ NO Fluoride

Only 2 supplements and in just a few months the cavities were healed. Medical science (Dentist) has confirmed it!  "arrested"...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 cavities HEALED in Autistic Child- YES YOU CAN - see how to easily cure a cavity quickly naturally w/ NO Fluoride

Only 2 supplements and in just a few months the cavities were healed.

Medical science (Dentist) has confirmed it!
 "arrested"= healed (cured) FIVE cavities

Never thought you could heal a cavity and avoid a filling? Read on!

At at least my Autistic son's last 2 dental check ups six months ago and 14 months ago -we were being heavily pressured due to the severity of some of his cavities to drug my son (conscious oral sedation) and give him five fillings (in cavities- all of which were at least 4 ½ years old and many were BIG at the last time they were seen around Christmas 2014). He's never had any conventional medicine and I'm scared of using any sedation medications for my child...

I've since added certain key supplements based on my nutrition research (I'm a Holistic Health Educator- Nutritional Consultant) and this Tuesday he was given a perfect bill of health on his teeth -all five cavities are now stopped (AKA  "arrested" = HEALED in laymen's terms) and thus again solid and no fillings are recommended! (FYI he's almost 10 1/2 years old)

Update: For the record he's never had a filling (as he'd never sit for it awake being Autistic) and all the teeth that were once recommended to be filled are baby teeth. All his adult teeth haven't ever had any issues. He's a vegetarian like us too.

See my comments below for his newest supplements, toothpaste, -what's not in his diet and more!

THIS is A WORK (BLOG Post) IN PROGRESS:           
Please come back for more info periodically!
NOTE: I am editing this blog post to be more complete & visually pleasing this AM -adding all the info asap- 
SO PLEASE CHECK BACK often -even later today!

Here's where we were a year ago. 
It wasn't any better 6 months ago. 

Waiting on the newest records 
from his dental provider's office .

Here's his treatment plan from a year ago (May 30 2014)

The MOST important NEW chewable supplements we added recently are:

(Pioneer brand) D3+K2 (IN ONE PILL)
(Nature's Plus) CAL/MAG (ETC.) IN ANOTHER 

I appear to have started the K2 enhanced D3 in early Nov '14 and the Calcium in Mid Feb '15 (not the same dose of Cal daily due to time constraints w/ getting ready for school- usually 1-2 sometimes 3 tablets- up to 4 is recommended on the bottle). 

Dosage of D3/K2: 

D3 + K2 as above in the same chewable about 4000 IUs of D3 a day equals two pills. 

My research a few months back indicated you MUST HAVE K2 with your D3 for it to work well- in this case strengthen the teeth well. NOTE: He'd been consuming a different D3 supplement w/o K2 for years w/ no improvements noted on his teeth/cavities.

Here's close ups of the D3 & K2 

4000 IUs a day equals two pills- is what he usually took

The calcium + magnesium (very YUMMY!) chewable chocolate vitamins which was introduced maybe three months ago.

Dosage: (2-3 tablets generally)
600-900 mg Cal 
300-450 mg Mag

ALSO we did change our toothpaste. (we've NEVER used fluoride- btw). 

Mid Feb changed toothpaste to Spry w/ xylitol
(He previously used either Tom's cinnamon no fluoride or Trader Joe's fennel flavored natural no fluoride toothpaste)

Holistic Dentist suggested the change- the xlyitol keeps the saliva and mouth environment alkaline and thus keeps bad bacteria at bay/ under control.

Re TJ's toothpaste

 I don't think there's anything in it particularly bad -I personally don't like fennel -you know, licorice flavor? My son actually takes his Trader Joe's toothpaste to school I just didn't want to waste it. But the xylitol is the reason to do Spry 

 recently heard Tom's has some bad things in it actually though-(Google it)-and that they've been bought out by some NOT holistic big named Corporation. I still think anything with fluoride in it is the worst regardless.

What I find interesting is despite the lack of brushing for so many years that he is doing so well. At his age I had plenty but not an obscene amount of cavities filled already. I know my "6 year" adult molars had cavities pretty deep in them within maybe even a few months of them erupting. Again all of his adult teeth including his "6 year molars" are fine and never were the least bit decayed.

I think diet is big -Ridgely has never had soda- he doesn't have juice at home -only sometimes 50% watered-down juice at hotels on our vacations though. I was brought up eating sugary cereal for breakfast but he has eggs and now we've added a cinnamon raisin gluten-free bagel with strawberry Daiya vegan cream cheese. Whereas I ate Halloween candy as a kid -he doesn't get candy and is fine with it. He's only gotten cake or other sweet pastry only on his birthday and only these last couple years or so not other times of the year. Since his formative years didn't have a lot of unnatural sweets in it he doesn't get bent out of shape not having them. And he's been gluten-free many years (7?) stopping for just a few months 2 1/2 years ago (huge mistake as his behavior tanked!) but definitely gluten-free for about two years. Don't know if that helps with cavities. I also went for a few years- I think starting in about middle school eating ice cream all the time. He hasn't had org yogurt regularly in more than a year -dairy is very little of his diet. He currently has only the occasional cheese usually outside the house. Never drinks cow's milk. Maybe real ice cream less than a handful times a year. He went through a period for probably not even a year having org string cheese sticks at school but not in a while as he got bored with them. If you have any other questions about what else he eats just ask. 

BTW- all 5 of the former cavites are on record from 4 ½ years ago as needing filling per a different (exclusively pediatric) dentist - found that record too -but I guess they really didn't! smile emoticon Yeah, natural healing! Medical professionals don't know all especially when there is money to be made from "fixing" your problems.

I will provide his other supplement details shortly- 
the dentist or hygienist actually asked if he was on probiotics. He's on 6-9 million probiotics daily as of the last couple months. Prior to that he probably got no more than 1 million a day. Btw -All his supplements are chewable or sometimes liquid. He takes Nutra stars multivitamins. Also 1500 mg of vitamin C in the morning and sometimes in the evening if I can remember -which is rare. tongue emoticon Just started him a week or so ago on 10,000 MCG's of methyl B12 for his autism. 

 I just was speaking with the staff again at the dental office trying to get CRs updated records (I do have the dentist's exam recorded on audio as proof smile emoticon ) and the dentist had described the cavities as "arrested" to the admin person I was talking to. I just googled that term in regards to cavities. Here's what I found- arrested=healed...great short webpage. Check it out.  "Can Cavities REALLY be Healed?" 
they recommend what I did and mention several dental healing studies & observations by dentists going back to the 1920's  & 1930's

From that webpage:
"In her careful experiments, Dr May Mellanby demonstrated that the same nutritional conditions that support development of strong, well mineralized teeth, also support the arrest of dental decay, development of reparative dentin and tooth remineralization. That is, optimal supplementation of vitamin D, together with adequate calcium and phosphorus and a calcifying diet with restricted intake of sugar and cereal grains. Dr Weston Price found even better results when vitamin K2 was also supplemented."

Not sure if they have the best price today but when they do I buy many of my supplements from Vitacost- if you like their prices too let me know and I can get you $10 off your first purchase by referring you- just PM me your email address. I buy from them and some items from Amazon prime for the most part.

I will chime in next with the -newly recommended at the dental visit yesterday -that we haven't started using yet -technique for when and how to brush etc. not at all what I thought I knew/ had been taught.


  1. This is great news and great for prevention as well as healing. Thank you. Also, so sorry your son is Autistic and I pray you understand it is a toxic condition that is reversible. If not, please contact Dr. Carley and see the many videos on my web site as well. Dr. Carley reverses this condition with homeopathic detox and diet. If toxins harm and block proper cellular functions, removing these toxins and giving the cells cell food to divide correctly can reverse the condition. God Bless you. www.ReversingVaccineInducedDiseases.com
    By the way..the common denominator in all toxic conditions that result in these chronic diseases in children today from cancer to autism to auto immune disorders are toxic vaccines. Vaccines are such a fraud and a crime against humanity. Don't believe any of the pharmaceutical so called medical science. Clue...they have zero cures and imagine poisons are medicines. These evil corporations own doctors and many legislators and control federal agencies passing laws to protect this murdering monopoly. www.JesusHeals.ws/ANSWERS

    1. FYI https://www.facebook.com/groups/Autismnovaxinjury/ we are one of the few who still got it BUT he's nowhere near as affected as those who vaxed. Go to my blog on methyl B12 to see how he's doing more recently. www.tinyurl.com/b12autism

  2. My son has a small cavity on a permanent molar, he is 10ys old and I am trying to reverse it. He also has decalcified teeth and trying to remineralize his teeth. Do you think it is possible to reverse a cavity on a permanent tooth? I think I can to some degree, but will it always be there lurking if I do not stay on top of his diet? I do not want to have to have ongoing xrays to monitor it, but also want to heal it. Thank you for any input!

    1. yes that is what the info in this blog is referring to- reversing cavities in any tooth- not just baby teeth. My research was done regarding arresting cavities in any type of tooth not specifically baby teeth.

  3. Brillant..such a dedicated mam..Thanks for sharing this

  4. Hi there. Thanks for your post! I'm trying to track down the supplements you mention. I'm in New Zealand and am having no luck. Any links you can share with me if where I may get them? Thanks, best of luck. :)

  5. saffic - if you are still looking - Just get any vitamin D3 and any K2 supplement from your local health store. There are 2 types of vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7. If you have the option buy the MK4 but either is fine

    1. MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2 that has greater bioavailability than MK-4 Current info shows MK-7 is the better version and is natural not synthetic http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/10/12/vitamin-k2-benefits.aspx

  6. Hi, I was also wondering the same thing, does this method work on permanent teeth or just baby teeth? Thanks!!


    1. @TLR Tessa- Yes! Teeth are teeth- baby teeth are just smaller.

  7. Hi my daughter is almost 3 do I give her the same amount of vitamins or less?

  8. Is the safe for a four year old to use for her teeth.