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Friday, May 1, 2015

My VIDEO-Surprising Benefits of RAW FOOD- (my public lecture)- 5/5 STARS- 40K views

Strengthen immune system, gain energy, need less sleep, look younger, heal faster- achieve optimum health. Learn how to lose weight effortlessly while eating lots of FAT. 

FYI-The healthy fat releases the stored bad fats (that hold toxins)

My lecture on Incredible Health from eating UNPROCESSED RAW Veg foods-over 40K views

Awesome -standing room only public lecture at health food store (Mother's Market) in The O.C., CA

consistent FIVE STARS ratings on the now defunct Google Video- republished to Youtube in 2008

A Must see!!


Below is a flyer for one of my talks at Wild Oats in Laguna Beach, CA (now owned by Whole Foods)

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