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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

There is no VP/Disease CRISIS in the school population- NO PROBLEM exists!

Trying to pass a law for a problem that has NOT been proven to exist.

The General Public's ASSUMPTIONS are WRONG:

There are not a lot of FULLY UNVACCINATED kids who go to CA schools mulling about!

Up until now PBE- Personal Belief Exemptions DO NOT MEAN that a parent hasn't vaccinated their child at all- in most cases the child HAS been and is being vaccinated!!

PBE have been allowed for parents who merely forgot their child's records, or were late in getting their child's shots due to distractions or forgetfulness. In addition some don't want OR NEED certain vaccines (say their child already had chickenpox), and/or WANT to DELAY or SPREAD out vaccines as to not be so burdensome on a child's immune system. (It's a vaccine's job to stress out the immune system- that's how it hopes to create some immunity.)

Parents want the freedom to decide IF, WHEN, and HOW MUCH stress and therefore RISK they want to put their children under.

How about finding out how many so called immunocompromised kids actually attend school and what do they do about the exposure to non-VPD? The common cold, many flu viruses,

CA Law protects children who have TB, Hep B or HIV (=let's them attend school).  Those children with DISEASES are allowed at school but healthy children who do not vaccinate -with even only one vax missing-are not?

CA law allows homeless and undocumented aliens to attend school w/o vaccination records.

The CDC says that people visiting the U.S. are the ones bringing the disease here (they say it MANY times on this website- that is the problem- WHY are we going after the school kids?

Watch this short excellent video on this topic

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