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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

VIDEO- RFK Jr. -Confirmed CDC Corruption - Dangers of Mercury & Aluminum in Vaccines - Big Pharma hides truth

The CDC has been confirmed by our own Government- By 4 different Gov't agencies' RECENT investigations as being "owned" by Big Pharma. 

Suspicious- HBO only posts the first 2 min of the 10 minute interview officially - have to go OFF you tube to find full interview linked HERE. (5/5/2015) You'll see why they censored it when you watch the full video.

My two cents:

Society is in a sad state...you take something with the potential for some temporary good but potential for toxicity, injury, and death as well and put it in the hands of corporations (Big Pharma) overseen by a corrupt agency (CDC) and take away all product liability for injury or death from vaccines and you've got a recipe for what continues to be a growing disaster. 
Vaccines are not safe enough and should not be one-size-fits-all and ALL vaccines should not (as not all vax are for communicable diseases) I repeat ALL should NOT be mandated for everyone especially babies and children especially with NO option to DELAY any - which would spread out the stress (so called "Immune-response")  that they have to cause to be even slightly effective with out overburdening potentially susceptible immune systems. It's not uncommon for an infant to receive 6-8 vaccinations at one visit! 

Sadly- No one is trying to find out and screen out the susceptible children before vaccination- that is beyond wrong!

Medical Doctors are NOT taught in Medical School anything in depth about vaccines- mainly just the CDC schedule and the "importance" of staying on it.

Most so called "anti-vaxers" are actually parents who did trust their doctors and vaccines until one or more of their children were injured, disabled, or killed by vaccines.

The number of vaccines kids get today is nothing like you or your children got 25 - 30 - 40 - 50+ years ago. The number of vaccines required went up exponentially after the liability was removed in 1986 by Reagan 

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on. 
Vaccines are a cash cow- no liability, huge market, great reputation to those who don't actually research for INDEPENDENT sources of science. Did you realize that exemptions (or homeschool options) are currently almost always an option as far as attending school. (But exemptions are under attack - bills are written and being funded by BIG PHARMA & then sponsored/ "authored" by politicians receiving HUGE political contributions from the same.)

The FDA rubber-stamps the Big Pharma corporation's vaccine safety studies (if any are done at all- research the flu vax' package insert- apparently no time for efficacy, safety or carcinogenic studies for the yearly vaccine) and the FDA does not independently check for safety!
Here's the video you must see- only 10 minutes- listen to RFK Jr name the 4 Official Government Agencies - four different agencies-  that have done recent investigations into the CDC and their results - PROVEN corruption!

REVIEW from age of autism. "thank-you-bill-maher-for-tipping-over-sacred-cow-of-vaccination"

Picture- RFK Jr & Bill Maher on Real Time 4/2015

RFK Jr - "One of the greatest Environmental Crusaders" Dangers of Mercury- still in many vaccines

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